Hunting Small Antelopes

Hunting Small Antelopes and Springbucks

Hunting the Small Antelopes in other Provinces of South Africa: Eastern Cape and KwalaZulu Natal. 

Also combined with hunting  bushpigs and caracals  with trained dogs.

As well as the coveted Reedbucks (common and mountain) which are very hard to find in other provinces.

Eastern Cape
Bushpig, caracal, blue duiker, cape grysbuck, common reedbuck, mountain reedbuck, vaal reehbuck

KwalaZulu Natal
Red duiker, oribi and suni

At the best concession in the country, you can hunt and cull all varieties of springbuck, as well as other antelopes that are endemic to this region, such as the red lechwe and the black wildebeest.